Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vidhan Bhavan Workshop Gives A General Knowledge Training To Newly Elected Mlas

Make an effort to be present in the Assembly. This was the simple message conveyed to the new legislators at a two-day workshop held at the Vidhan Bhavan to introduce first-time MLAs to the working of the state legislature.

Present during the workshop at the Vidhan Bhavan was Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, Speaker Dilip Walse Patil, Deputy Chief Minister Chaggan Bhujbal, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Harshvardhan Patil, Shivaji Rao Deshmukh, Opposition Leader Eknath Khade, Sena legislator Subhash Desai amongst other senior MLAs. More than 100 MLAs were present for this training workshop. Addressing the your MLAs, Chief Minister Ashok Chavan urged them to stand upto the expectations of the voters. The young MLAS were also addressed by Deputy Chief Minister Ashok Chavan. Parliamentary Minister Harshwardhan Patil informed that the state had approved 5 crores for training purposes in the state. BJP Leader Eknath Khadse called the right of MLAs as a big weapon for them with which they could reorm the lives of many.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In Our Series “your Ward ! Your Corporator’s Performance !” We Have “even After Five Years, The Youth Of Ward No.52 In Vashi Await Libarary And Gymnas

“Your ward ! Your Corporator’s performance !” is a Good Governance Initiative of your channel to bring to you every authentic information that will make you an enlightened voter ahead of Navi Mumbai Municipal Elections 2010. Today in this series we bring to you a report from sector 16 of Vashi where controversy plagues the multipurpose building in this node which was supposed to house a library and gymnasium but today is being allegedly misused.

The sectors 15 and 16 of Vashi majorly comprises of residents from the Middle Income group. For these residents, a multipurpose building named late Vimal Dhanaji Shinde was constructed in sector 16 of Vashi by NMMC to provide the facilities of a library and gymnasium at nominal rates. However, today this multipurpose building is marred with controversy as the locals of the area have alleged that the building is being misused. The fate of the building was no different since the time of its inception. It was on January 15th 2003 that the proposal for the construction of this multipurpose building was passed by the NMMC General Body Meet. The contract of the multipurpose building was awarded to City Builders. However, it was not until February 16 2004, an year later, that the building saw the first lights of foundation. The construction work was to be completed within an year’s time. The construction work began on a snail’s pace and finally was completed on 15th March 2009, that is five years later, at a cost of Rs 41, 36, 994. The builder is said to have cited the reason of change in the RCC design for the delay in work. Although delayed, the multipurpose building was finally
inaugurated at the hands of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. Unfortunately, even after five years, the building does not seem tobe serving its purpose. When our team took a tour of the building, they found broken cable wires and discarded packets of gutkas. Even the locals alleged that the building was being misused. He further voiced the amount of time taken for constructing this multipurpose building. The youngsters of the area also voiced the need of a library and gymnasium in the sector soon.
The multipurpose building was constructed with the efforts of local corporator Madhvi Shinde but today she failed miserably to get the library and gymnasium functioning on time. The issue was also taken up by Vijay Walunj to the corporation by way of a letter but he has not received any positive reply. Hence, he along with the local residents have now submitted a letter to the Vashi ward office to immediately start the multipurpose building. The big question that the residents are asking is first the long delay in the construction of the building and then the delay in commencing the main purpose of the building. All said and done, even after five years, the main purpose of the multipurpose building in sector 16 of Vashi seems to have gone unfulfilled which is being seen as deceiving by the youth and residents of sector 16 Vashi. If the corporator of your ward has failed to fulfill his promises, then call us on 9223339191, 27899191 or 27659191. Your support and your awareness will make our corporators responsible and accountable. If you are satisfied with your corporator. Elect him again or replace him in the upcoming Navi Mumbai Municipal Elections 2010.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

CIDCO is yet to appoint a dedicated official for the ambitious project in CBD

The Urban Haat, inaugurated amidst much fanfare by Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, Former environment minister Ganesh Naik and his deputy Chhagan Bhujbal few months back, remains closed for public. No exhibitions or events have been held here since then for City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) is yet to appoint a manager to handle the maintenance and overlook events at the prestigious location.
The code of conduct implemented for the state elections further delayed the appointment process. Meanwhile, the condition at Urban Haat has worsened due to slack in security and maintenance.
A CIDCO official on condition of anonymity said, "The engineers, planners and designers have contributed a lot to the project and it is indeed a landmark for the city, but we realised that we need one person totally dedicated to overlook the affairs of the Haat. We are not equipped for it and have no experience in organising such events. Right from inviting the artists from across the state to making the facilities available for them and creating the right buzz in the market by attracting people to the venue, a lot of time and energy will go in to it."
Also, the officer pointed out that the manager who will be appointed for the ambitious Urban Haat needs to have sufficient contacts and experience in the tourism industry.
"Now that the code of conduct has been lifted and staff is resuming normal duty, we will be able to appoint some officer very soon. The Managing Director himself is overlooking the appointment procedure," he indicated.